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  • Conference Registration is Open!

    Registration for the NCHC conference is now open. Seattle is a unique and progressive city, mindful and aware of its role in global society. There is no better setting to explore how honors education invites us all to know the value of learning on a deeper level, both to ourselves and our society. See just how honors can move you to KNOW YOURSELF. Registration details

  • 2016 Professional Development Opportunities

    Three professional development opportunities will be offered this summer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Self Assessment and Annual Reports, June 26-28, 2016 Program Reviewer Training. July 7-9, 2016 New Directors Institute, July 10-13, 2016 For more information or to register, check out what is coming in 2016 here. In addition, there will be a curricular design institute in offered May 30 - 1 June 2016 in Gronigen. Details are available in the Inaugural Summer Honours Faculty Institute brochure.

  • Upcoming City as Text Opportunities

    Check out the upcoming City as Text Opportunities: Rotterdam: A Modern Phoenix, July 11-17, 2016 Seattle Master Class October 9-11, 2016 For details, check the Honors Semesters page.

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  • NCHC Publications

    Access to the NCHC publications is one of your best resources. Check out the complete bibliographies for details about what your NCHC library contains.

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  • Partners in the Parks

    Check out this year's Partners in the Parks opportunities.

    Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park -- May 20-27 Appalachian Trail: Harpers Ferry -- May 21-28 Zion National Park -- June 1-6 Mammoth Cave National Park -- June 5-11 New York City: Gateway to America -- June 18-25 Missouri National Recreational River -- June 18-25 Acadia: Directors Retreat -- July 17-23 Glacier National Park -- July 25-30 Olympic National Park -- July 25-30 Boston -- August 7-13 Read More
  • NCHC Online Guide to Honors Colleges and Programs

    The Official NCHC Online Guide to Honors Colleges and Programs is the result of the requests from members of NCHC, parents, students and others interested in honors education. This initial edition is only a sample of what will be available when all NCHC members have supplied their information to us.

    For details, visit the online guide post.

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