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2013 NCHC Awards


G. Hewett Joiner
Carolyn Kuykenmdall
Ann R. Raia
P. Brent Register
Elaine Torda
Marca Wolfensberger



Faculty/Administrator/Student Published: 

First Place 
University of Arizona—“Eclectic” & Cum Laude”
Patricia MacCorquodale

Second Place
University of Maine—“Minerva”
François Amar

Third Place
Georgia Southern—“Honors @ Georgia Southern”
Steven Engel

Student Published:

First Place (tied)
University of North Carolina at Wilmington—“Periplus”
Katherine Bruce

Winthrop University—“The Sage Page”
Kathy Lyon

Third Place
Central Michigan University—“Honor Bound”
Phame Camarena


Faculty/Administrator/Student Published:

First Place
Baldwin Wallace University—“Honorable Mention”  Amy Story

Student Published:

First Place
Shippensburg University—“The Honors Chronicle”   Kim Klein

Second Place
DePaul University—“Honorable Mentions”  Rose Spalding

Third Place
Sam Houston State University—“The Dialogue”   Gene Young

Small College Website

First Place
Baldwin Wallace University
Amy Story, Director of the Honors Program
Katie Adkins, Website Technical Assistant

Second Place
La Sierra University, Laura (Strawn-Ojeda) Melchor, student from the Honors Program
Trisha Famisaran, Honors Program Director
Noemy Cruz, Honors Program Secretary

Third Place
Colorado School of Mines, Toni Lefton, McBride Honors Program Professor
Kenneth Osgood, Director, McBride Honors Program
Peggy Cook, Program Assistant


Arts and Humanities – Isabell Hsu and Andrew Vo, Chapman University

75-09 Postmodernism and Propaganda

Environmental Science and Green Technology - Kimberly Ledger, University of Montana-Missoula

166-09 Impact of a Global Invader

Health Sciences -  Hunter Scarborough, Texas Christian University

123-10 Solid Phase Synthesis of Ferrocene-Biotin Bioconjugates

Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Wai Lam, LaGuardia Community College

123-50 The Effects of Ethanol on Courtship, Mate Choice and Fertility

Education and Pedagogy - Danielle Weisz, Northern State University

75-57 Longitudinal Study of Empathy in Pre-Service Teachers

Business, Engineering, and Computer Science –  Rebekah Herrman, Christian Brothers University

123-07 Continuous Time Quantum Walks

Diversity - Jamie King and Jessica Miller, Eastern Kentucky University

75-40 "Creolization" on the Small Screen: Television, Society, and Interracial Relationships 1948-1980

Social and Behavioral Sciences - Caryl McDevitt, Southern New Hampshire University

166-43 Mapping NH Exurban Communities for Feasibility of Refugee Resettlement


2013 NCHC Portz Scholars

Student Interdisciplinary Research Papers

Students of the Year

Christine Gilbert, University of Maine-Orono

Amelia Bagwell, Georgia Highlands College

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