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Conference 2014 ~ November 5-9, 2014 ~ Denver

2013 (New Orleans)
Public Health Challenges and Opportunities in a Global World
Moderator: Hew Joiner, Georgia Southern University (ret), NCHC Past President 2001

A Medical Anthropological Summary and Analysis: Social Injustices of Tuberculosis on the Impoverished and Marginalized in Society
Kristina Kohuth, Florida Atlantic University

Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Nexus of Global Health, Poverty, and Human Rights
Sean Motl, Angelo State University

UN-HABITAT: Window Dressing or Real Change?
Benjamin Seigel, Towson University

2012 (Boston)
Pressures of Globalization: the Arab Spring, Medical Ethics, and Jordanian Politics
Moderator: Nigel Gibson, Emerson College, NCHC Past President 2005

Friends with Benefits? Examining the Relationship between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Bojan Francuz,* St. Norbert College

Doing Anything for the Cure: Exploitation through the Globalization of Clinical Trials
Nicole Bedera,* Westminster College

Democratization of the MENA Region: An Analysis of the Causes of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya
Cori Simmons,* Suffolk University

2011 (Phoenix)
Revolution & Restructuring: British Politics, the IMF, and the Tea Party
Moderator: Kate Bruce, University of North Carolina Wilmington, NCHC Past President 2007

Evolutionary or Revolutionary? Current Issues in British Government and Politics
Brent Lederle*, University of Indianapolis

Restructuring Programs or Economic Destructuring?: The Third World and the IMF
Jeffrey Freeman*, Emerson College

The Tea Party: Burgeoning or Beaten?
Philip Olsen*, Florida Atlantic University
Alexa Robinson*, Florida Atlantic University

2010 (Kansas City)
Medieval History and Culture: Lancelot, Female Mystics, and the Spread of Christianity
Moderator: Jocelyn Jackson, NCHC past president (1986)

Sir Lancelot: The Paradox at the Heart of King Arthur’s Court
Pavel Goriacko, Long Island University

A League of Their Own: How Saint Birgitta of Sweden and Margery Kempe Put Spiritual Virginity on the Canonization Docket
Jacquelyn Hoermann, University of Missouri-Kansas City

The Spread of Medieval Christianity
Thomas Martz, Towson University

2009 (Washington D.C.)
Reading Culture: Clowns, Wizards, & Truffula Trees
Moderator: Rosalie Otero, NCHC Past President (2002)

Dr. Seuss vs. Social Justice: The Political Side of His Children’s Book Classics
Alecia Eberhardt

Self-Made Sorcerer: The Modernization of Merlyn in Jack Whyte’s The Camulod Chronicles
Meghan Hekker

Adventures in Clown Town: A Sociological Journey
Benjamin Yarling

2008 (San Antonio)
Economies of Change: Race, European Union, and German Nationhood
Moderator: Norm Weiner, NCHC President (2004)

This panel investigates the dynamics of changing economies from use of credit scoring in contemporary America to the challenges of economic convergence in the increasingly powerful European Union to the economic circumstances of early twentieth century Germany.

Anthony Champi
“Credit Scores, Race, and Income”

Ellen Burton
“Economic Convergence and Noncompliance: An Examination of the European Union”

Ryan Caouette
“Going for Broke: Nazi Economic Policy and Defeat in World War Two”

2007 (Denver)
Gender Roles, Feminism, and Romance in Popular Culture.
Moderator:  Bernice Braid, NCHC President (1979)

From comic books to romance novels to reality television, these papers investigate the  tensions that surface in popular representations of gender roles and explore how women might assert themselves when challenged by repressive hierarchies.

Tabitha Lucas
“Wonder Woman:  Feminists and Superhero Comics”

Andrea Drygas
“(Mis)Representation of Hierarchy and Binary Oppositions:  Equality and Feminism in the Modern Romance Novel”

Sonja Todorovich
“Happily Ever After in the Bachelor’s Romance Machine:  The Perpetuation of American Consumerism through Diorama Hyperrealism and Heteronormative Relations”

2006 (Philadelphia)
Health Care: Theory and Practice 
Moderator:  Len Zane, NCHC President (1996)

Adequate healthcare may be limited by a wide variety of barriers, including insufficient communication or cultural constraints.  Overcoming such obstacles to the delivery of proper healthcare provide the theme running through the distinctively different papers that make up this panel.

Darron Fry
“Historical and Social Implications of Asperger Syndrome in Education”

Heather J. Sobko
“Concept Analysis of Concordance:  Establishing a Working Definition for Heart Transplant Nurses and Patients”

Kristen Shirley
“Ethiopia: Hamlin Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital”

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