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Idea Exchange Guidelines

Annual Conference 2014 ~ November 5-9, 2014 ~ Denver, CO

The Idea Exchange provides conference attendees the opportunity to exchange and gather information on NCHC Committees, professional organizations, student organizations, honors programs and structures, innovative practices, special campus opportunities, or scholarship opportunities. Presenters at this traditional Saturday morning breakfast session will display materials on a table and/or easel as stimuli to informal discussion. Idea Exchange presentations do not have to be related to the conference theme. NCHC provides individual tables for printed material and/or handouts.

Tips for a Successful Idea Exchange Presentation

  • Create a clear, easily visible display of the title of your “Idea.”  You may want to include your school name, presenters, etc.  We will have a list of the presentations but finding a particular title can be confusing.
  • Try to expand your focus from what is peculiar to your institution.  Be prepared to explain how your idea can be applied at other institutions to enhance programs, students’ educational experience, or to highlight general interest.

  • Do not plan on using any audiovisual equipment. None will be available, and if you bring your own, it will not be secure. 
  • To see what you can expect during the Idea Exchange, view images from the 2013 Idea Exchange

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