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When you join the National Collegiate Honors Council, you plug into a community of educational institutions, professionals, and students that are passionate about advancing honors education. NCHC knows that honors is as diverse as the campuses we serve, and that diversity gives you both a national perspective and a unified voice to support honors right where you are - in your classroom and on your campus.  Read on to see how NCHC membership gives you connections and tools you won't find anywhere else!

Institutional Membership
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Student Membership
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NCHC Institutional Membership ($500 annually)

Did you know that roughly 70% of all honors programs in the United States are members of the NCHC ?With nearly 900 institutional members, the National Collegiate Honors Council is the leading professional association for those who provide college-level honors education.  When your institution joins NCHC, you'll receive:

Connection to a National Honors Network

  • Direct communications from the NCHC Office about national events, happenings, and opportunities
  • Access to the NCHC Publications Library, including scholarly journals and monographs on honors topics
  • Online access to members-only content and discussion forums with members worldwide
  • Research, toolkits, and other NCHC resources to support, build, and advocate for honors
  • Member discounts for national networking events and trainings (including a 50% Member Discount for the NCHC Annual Conference, filled with hundreds of sessions for honors administrators, faculty, staff, and students)
  • Opportunities to serve nationally on NCHC Committees, the NCHC Board of Directors, or as an NCHC Program Reviewer, and voting rights in NCHC Elections

Honors Visibility on the National Stage

  • Opportunities to publish honors research or present research at national events
  • Promotion for your honors program or college in the NCHC Online Guide - the only comparative guide for all honors programs and colleges in the United States
  • Member recognition and celebration of your honors accomplishments on a national stage
  • Advocacy for your program and its resources through national survey data and individual NCHC Program Review opportunities

Funding Support for Honors Research & Initiatives

  • Scholarship and fellowship opportunities for students in NCHC member programs
  • Faculty Awards and Recognitions for distinguished service to honors education
  • Grant opportunities for programs to receive NCHC Program Reviews or engage in innovative honors activities

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Institutional membership is open to institutions of higher learning as well as to other private and public organizations supportive of honors education. In the instance of an institution with physically separate campus locations, each campus location shall pay institutional member dues if it has its own budgetary responsibility, curricular authority, or admits students to the honors program or honors college on its campus. Each institutional member shall designate a representative who may cast the vote of the institutional member and serve as the contact for NCHC communications. Membership runs calendar year, January 1 - December 31.

NCHC Professional Membership ($100 annually)

If your institution is a member, why would you need an individual Professional membership?

That's easy. An NCHC Professional Membership affords you all the benefits under your institutional membership, with additional perks and resources for your personal investment!

  • Direct Connection to NCHC: Professional members receive email communication about NCHC news and events direct to their inbox. No waiting for forwarded information! You’ll receive your own digital access or physical copy of NCHC Publications, and access to the Members-Only segment of our website. You’ll also receive voting rights in NCHC Elections. Excellent for faculty, associate directors, and other decision makers in your program that would benefit from NCHC's resources.
  • Exclusive Training Access: Throughout the year, the NCHC will be posting webinars and toolkits designed just for our professional members. Get access to these valuable information bites with your professional membership, as well as access to private communities and discussion forums on some of the most pressing issues in honors education.
  • Conference Perks: If you attend the NCHC Annual Conference, you’ll receive special recognition as a professional member of the organization and a thank you for your investment in NCHC’s mission.

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Professional membership is open to college and university faculty members, administrators, and professional staff and to others at an NCHC Member Institution engaged in professions related to education.

NCHC Student Membership ($35 annually)

Students receive a variety of special membership benefits from NCHC that will help you get the most out of your collegiate honors experience! As an NCHC Student Member, you'll receive:

  • National Recognition: As an NCHC Student Member, you’ll be recognized in the annual conference program for your commitment to honors. Student Members are also eligible to apply for the prestigious NCHC Student of the Year Award, given at the Annual Conference!
  • Graduation Regalia: If you are graduating from honors this year, your NCHC Student Membership entitles you to a Green & Gold NCHC graduation cord! Just have your honors director send a message to confirming that you are graduating in good standing, and the NCHC Office will provide you a keepsake cord.
  • NCHC Swag: All Student Members receive an annual Student Member T-Shirt, and a certificate of membership
  • Notification of Events & Scholarships: Student Members receive direct communications from the NCHC office about student events, conference information, scholarships, awards, and more.
  • NCHC Involvement: As a Student Member, you can vote in NCHC Elections on honors issues, or even run for a student position on the NCHC Board of Directors. You can also connect to honors students around the globe in the NCHC Student Members Facebook group, to ask questions and discuss issues!

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Student membership is open to all undergraduate students who participate in honors programs or colleges at  NCHC Member Institutions.

NCHC Affiliate Membership ($50 annually)

Affiliate membership is open to professional educators retired from their educational positions and to former honors students no longer affiliated with a college or university honors program or honors college. Those interested in honors education but not affiliated with an educational organization may also qualify for Affiliate Membership. Please contact the NCHC Office at or 402-472-9150 for further details.

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To support and enhance the community of educational institutions, professionals, and students who participate in collegiate honors education around the world.

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