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Sample Honors Course Syllabi

Freshman Courses

Orientation Courses:
Honors Freshman Seminar
Freshmen Experience
World Food Problems -- An Honors Orientation Summer Seminar

Rhetoric and Composition:
Composition and Language: Honors

Arts and Humanities:
East Meets West: Honors 101
Monsters and Marvels Through the Ages
On the Sublime

Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Alliance and Conflict: World Construction in Religion and Society
Social Systems and Issues: Food and Culture

Science and Math:
Alternate Edens
Great Questions: Questions that have Changed the World

English 1302/History 1302: Honors Program Interdisciplinary Course
Foundation of Western Values – Antiquity to Early Medieval
The Ancient World: Film and Reality
The Seven Deadly Sins: Honors Introductory Seminar
Theory and Practice of Cultural Studies

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Sophomore Courses

Rhetoric and Composition:
Writing and American Rhetoric

Arts and Humanities:
Cultural Studies of Rock Music
Literature and Human Values: Labor, Power, Class
Live, Learn, and Lead
Sex, Freud and Morality: The History and Culture of 1900 Vienna
Seminar in the Humanities: Modernity and Postmodernism

Ever-Evolving Higher Education

Social and Behavioral Sciences:
The Legacy of Ancient Technology

Science and Math:
SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Science and Writing
Disability: Past and Present
The City as Theater: Examining the Roles of Theater and Philosophy in Public Life

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Junior/Senior Courses

Rhetoric and Composition:
The Rhetoric of Survival

Arts and Humanities:
Classical Mythology
Culture and the Holocaust
The Literature and Cinema of Revenge
Philosophy of Art
The Printed Page: Victorian to Virtual

Social and Behavioral Sciences:
Contemporary Islam
Life Stories: An Exploration of Science through Life
Public Space: Monuments & Memory

Science and Math:
Future Dilemmas: Energy, Food, and Water
Human Heredity and Birth Defects
Medicinal Chemistry
Methods of Applied Mathematics 
Studies in Cyberspace

Das Kapital: A Critical Reading of the Past and Present

Urban Education: College Studies

Looking to the Future: The Everglades: from Beginning to End? (linguistics and biology)
Math, Music, Art
Science and the Imagination (English and mathematics)
What Worlds May Come: Studies for the Future (science fiction, journalism, technology, popular science, and culture)

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