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Sample Honors Course Syllabi

Sample Honors Course Syllabi


The Following monographs are currently available from NCHC:

Assessing and Evaluating Honors Programs and Honors Colleges:  A Practical Handbook
Beginning in Honors: A Handbook (4th Ed.)
Fundrai$ing for Honor$: A Handbook
A Handbook for Honors Administrators
A Handbook for Honors Programs at Two-Year Colleges
The Honors College Phenomenon
Honors Composition: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Practices
Honors Programs at Smaller Colleges (3rd Ed.)
The Honors Thesis
If Honors Students Were People: Holistic Honors Higher Education
Inspiring Exemplary Teaching and Learning: Perspectives on Teaching Academically Talented College Students
The Other Culture: Science and Mathematics Education in Honors
Partners in the Parks: Field Guide to an Experiential Program in the National Parks
Place as Text: Approaches to Active Learning (2nd Ed.)
Preparing Tomorrow’s Global Leaders: Honors International Education
Setting the Table for Diversity
Shatter the Glassy Stare: Implementing Experiential Learning in Higher Education
Teaching and Learning in Honors
Writing on Your Feet

Peterson's Guide To Honors Programs and Colleges

This guide, created by NCHC, is another addition to the long list of highly respected guides to educational programs published by Peterson's. It presents institutional profiles of Honors programs in both two- and four-year colleges and universities. Included are a number of essays written by Honors program participants, information to assist in evaluating programs, profiles of programs at colleges and universities, and a geographic index. It is also the official guide of the National Collegiate Honors Council. The institutional profiles contain a description of the program; participation requirements; instructions for admission; availability of scholarships; a description of the institution, its campus, student body, and faculty; tuition and fee information; and who to contact for more information. This guide is highly recommended for public, high school, and academic libraries.

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