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Honors Activities and Leadership on Campus

Honors education supports creative and innovative opportunities to engage students in wide-ranging activities and leadership positions. The National Collegiate Honors Council offers many opportunities for students to experience the current trends of honors education.

NCHC encourages students to become involved with the national Student Concerns Committee. The Student Concerns Committee meets every year at the national conference and discusses current issues and advancements regarding student learning and achievement in today’s honors colleges and programs. The committee is open to all honors students who attend an NCHC institution or hold a membership in NCHC. The committee strives to connect students from across the country to share ideas, exchange thoughts, and strengthen the honors community on a national level.

NCHC’s Board of Directors includes six student members who serve one- to two-year terms. The students on the board are responsible for various Student Concerns Committee tasks; bring a student perspective into honors administrative tasks; and act as a liaison for students with faculty, staff, and professors.

Beyond the national level, NCHC encourages honors students to become active in their local, state, and regional honors councils. These organizations offer great learning experiences that strengthen honors educational all over the country.

If you want to become involved with your specific honors college or program, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my current and future role as an honors student in my honors college/program?
  • What sorts of opportunities will allow me to explore leadership, engagement, and citizenship?

Most honors colleges and programs offer various opportunities to become involved and active. Here are some questions to pursue with your honors dean, director, or advisor about honors opportunities:

  • How is the honors college or program represented at the institution?
  • Is there an honors council? Does it have student representatives?
  • Is there some type of ambassador program to represent the institution or to encourage student involvement?
  • Is there an outreach program to educate local students about honors education or to serve the community in other ways, such as tutoring?
  • How does the honors college or program reach out to its alumni?

The opportunities are endless. A wonderful aspect of honors education is that it fosters creativity. Honors programs and colleges provide a venue for engaging peers and faculty members; students can initiate an activity or assume a leadership role that will advance honors education at the institution.

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