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Students usually believe that their participation in an Honors program not only prepares them academically for graduate or professional schools, but gives them valuable skills for their career and personal life. Most Honors Deans and Directors go to great lengths to ensure that Honors courses provide an enriched and challenging educational experience that will encourage students to develop personally.

Perhaps the value of an enriched education is best revealed by the plight of superior students who decide not to join an Honors program because they mistakenly believe that taking non-Honors courses will maximize their college grades, or because they want to avoid the high school categories of "brain" or "nerd." Imagine the response of a potential employer to these decisions. Who wants to hire people who avoid challenges, who don’t want to stretch themselves and avoid those who do, who take the easiest way, who are more concerned about appearance than substance? Enough said.

Honors enrichment means becoming familiar with cultural activities, placing an emphasis on student participation so that students become confident making presentations and interacting with people of all backgrounds. Moreover, Honors courses not only broaden students’ academic perspectives but their personal lives as well, through interdisciplinary study, professional internships, community service activities, and individual research projects. The emphasis in Honors on personal development, challenging study, and a rich variety of cultural activities makes Honors more than just solid undergraduate experience. Honors is for life.

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