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Publication Opportunities for Undergraduates

Honors programs and colleges typically place a strong emphasis on active learning, student contributions to class discussion, and small group or individual presentations and research projects. In addition (and often as a result), many Honors programs encourage student presentations at state, regional, and national conferences, as well as the publication of undergraduate work. Your Honors Director and your professors can provide good advice about these publication and presentation opportunities.

In addition, NCHC journals actively seek student contributions. Our two journals, the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council (JNCHC) and Honors in Practice (HIP), focus on different areas of honors education. JNCHC is our journal of ideas, and HIP is our journal of practices. For further information about these journals and how to submit articles to them, a complete list of NCHC Publications is available. In addition, NCHC publishes a monthly newsletter, which provides information about current activities in Honors programs and colleges at our member schools. For further information about submitting articles and photos for the NCHC Newsletter, please click here to contact the NCHC executive director at the national office in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Several websites contain convenient directories of the many opportunities for undergraduate publication:

  • The Council on Undergraduate Research has a directory of undergraduate journals at
  • The Undergraduate Journals and Conferences Directory (UJCD) lists conferences and journals, both electronic and paper, that will publish undergraduate essays, research papers, poetry, short fiction, photography, cartoons, art, and the like:

Keep in mind also the National Conferences for Undergraduate Research (NCUR), which holds an annual conference for students who would like to make a scholarly presentation of their work:

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