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February 2005

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Included in this e-letter:

  • Conference 2005 update
  • Portz Fund Grants proposals
  • Peterson’s Honors Programs & Colleges, 4th Edition
  • NCHC Consultant Grants for new honors programs
  • Honors colleges basic characteristics discussion listserve
  • Dues deadline

Typically we send the NCHC monthly e-letter only to current members; however we are sending this one to all 2004 NCHC members, regardless of whether your 2005 dues are paid or not.  If your dues are not current by March 1, 2005, you will not receive the March e-letter.

Conference 2005 Update

The Conference proposal forms are up on the NCHC web site ( Proposal submission deadline is March 15, 2005.  Please let interested faculty, students, and staff know.  The 2005 Annual conference promises to be an exciting experience. The theme of the 2005 NCHC conference in St. Louis, October 26 – 30, is “Gateway to Exploration and Discovery.”  Few locations in the United States embody the theme Gateway to Exploration and Discovery as much as St. Louis.  Founded in 1764 as a center for the fur trade, St. Louis became the major gateway for explorers and pioneers heading west. Lewis and Clark began their quest from St. Louis in 1804, while the residents of St. Louis funded Charles Lindbergh’s pioneering flight across the Atlantic.  Like St. Louis, our ventures in honors education foster a gateway to exploration and discovery—academically, professionally, and personally. We welcome you to share your own honors explorations and discoveries in 2005.

This year’s Gala “The St. Louis Experience,” includes the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse.  Because these venues will not hold everyone at once, we will have food at the hotel and attendees can go at their own pace.  Then it’s back to the hotel for dessert and jazz!

The following rules and guidelines are also on the web site; please make sure that proposers read through these guidelines carefully before submitting a proposal. Please do not submit the same proposal to more than one category.   Submitting the same proposal in more than one category may result in that proposal being rejected in all categories.

  • In order to have the widest participation possible, only two proposals—in any combination ofgeneral sessions, poster sessions, master classes, Idea Exchange, and Diversity Workshop—will beaccepted per individual.  (This limit does not include Developing in Honors, Beginning in Honors©,or Students in Honors.)
  • A proposal may be submitted in one category only.  Duplicate submissions (i.e., generalsession and poster session) may be rejected in both categories.
  • Incomplete proposals will be rejected.
  • Please note that what you print on the submission form is what will be printed in the programbook, so please make sure your spelling and grammar are exactly how you want them.  You may want towrite your proposal description as a word document, check spelling and grammar, and then cut/paste it onto the submission form.  Also note that proposals may have no more than 4 co-presenters.
  • The Committee has the right to move your proposal to a different category if it would be a better fit.
  • All presenters must register for the conference by September 30, 2005.
  • Honors directors are responsible for overseeing their students’ proposals. No proposal will beaccepted without the Honors director’s emailed approval.
  • Proposal submission deadline is March 15, 2005.

Call For Portz Fund Grant Proposals

The NCHC Portz Fund Committee solicits applications from NCHC institutional and professional members for small grants (up to $500.00) and for large grants (normally up to $1,000.00) with twice-yearly deadlines of March 15 and September 15.  Portz Fund grants are intended to support Honors program/college innovation.

Ten (10) copies of the Portz Fund Grant Application Form and supporting narrative are required for a grant application.  Portz Fund grants are made to Honors programs/colleges (not to individuals) to help them engage in program innovation rather than to fund ongoing operations or meet ordinary expenses. Applications that demonstrate clearly the way in which the innovation will be of benefit beyond the confines of the institution’s own Honors program/college normally are favored as are applications that demonstrate commitment of the institution’s own funds (not fractions of released time for faculty or administrators, computer usage, and the like).

The narrative statement should address the way in which a Portz Fund grant will help your Honors program/college in terms of one or more of the Basic Characteristics of a Fully-Developed Honors Program.

Portz Fund grants may not be used for food, drinks, on-campus space rental, or student travel to conferences. For additional information about the NCHC Portz Fund grants, please contact  Kate Bruce, Honors Scholars Program, University of North Carolina Wilmington, 601 S. College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403 (

Peterson’s Honors Programs & Colleges, 4th Edition from Joan Digby

I hope this is the news you have been waiting for! Peterson’s Honors Programs & Colleges is about to go into a fourth edition. We will be asking for the entry from your program or college within the next few weeks. The book will be printed this summer and be in the bookstores by September or October.

Everything depends on your help.  We are hoping to have every NCHC member  program and college represented in the new edition.  Our due date for manuscript submission is APRIL 1, 2005. We are therefore asking you to put this project at the top of your URGENT file.

Within the next week, I will put a full set of instructions on the Listserv. These will include a template and several sample entries as attachments.  By mid-February you will also receive this information in the mail. We want to make certain that we reach every NCHC program and college and make the return of your entry as convenient as possible.

This is a heads up!

If your institution appeared in the third edition, you might want to look over your previous entry and think through the changes you will need to make. Revisions will be made on a tear sheet or Xerox copy of the existing entry. Full details will follow this week.

If your program or college was not represented in the third edition, you might want to begin gathering the pamphlets, bulletin and PR copy you will need to compose your entry. This is the same material you use in your own institutional advertising. Within a week you will have the template and samples necessary to formulate your pages.

Everyone should think about current honors students and alumni they might wish to profile. We will also be looking for GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS that capture the spirit of your students in action. Feel free to start hunting them down.

Meanwhile, I am here to answer any questions. (All questions should be sent to me at this address, not to the List.) Please help me by preparing your entries as soon as you get the official call for your material. This is a big book and a bigger job. We have a real deadline and meeting it depends on the cooperation of our entire membership.  I’m excited and eager to get going. Let’s make it our best book yet!

NCHC Consultant Grants For New Honors Programs!!!

$1,800.00 has been allocated for 2005 from special projects funds of NCHC for matching consulting grants.  This amount will be divided into three $600.00 matching grants for new Honors Programs (created in the last five years) at NCHC institutional member institutions.  Consultants should come from the list of NCHC-recommended Site Visitors.

The NCHC Assessment and Evaluation Committee will review the applications and report with recommendations to the Executive Committee at its spring meeting.  To apply for one of these matching grants, send an e-mail message to NCHC Office ( with the following information included in an attached document:

Consulting visits to the three Honors Programs will take place in the summer or fall of 2005.

  1. Name of Institution
  2. Date Honors Program was established.
  3. Name and title of Honors administrator
  4. E-mail address of Honors administrator
  5. Telephone number of Honors administrator
  6. Specific information on how institution will provide matching funds (not in-kind contribution)for consulting visit
  7. Concise description of need for consultant

Electronic applications are due by March 1, 2005.

Honors Colleges Listserve

An ad hoc committee, chaired by Peter Sederberg, was charged with determining the basic characteristics of an Honors College.  After much time and effort, the committee wrote a draft document for discussion  at the 2004 Conference in New Orleans. Taking into account the suggestions and discussion that happened there, the committee revised their document and it is available on the NCHC web site(

In addition, we have set up a listserv for those of you who are interested in continuing the discussion.  If you are interested in joining this listserve, please send an email to: In the body of the email type:  subscribe nchchonorscolleges  You must type this in the body of the message, and leave a space between subscribe and nchchonorscolleges.

Dues Deadlines

This is the first year that all memberships expired on December 31, 2004.  Many of you have renewed for 2005, but many more of you have not. We plan to send the Membership Handbook Update information to the printer the first week in March, so if you wish to be included, make sure we have your dues by March 1.

In addition, in order for your institution to be included in the 4th edition of Peterson’s Guide, your dues will need to be current. To be on the safe side, to have your institution listed in both the NCHC Handbook and Peterson’s 4th Edition, please get your dues in as quickly as possible!

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