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Fellows of the NCHC

Among the factors considered to be designated a Fellow of the NCHC are:

  • NCHC, regional, and/or state honors organization leadership
  • Scholarly activities relating to honors education
  • NCHC, regional, and/or state honors special events, institutes, etc.
  • Recognition for outstanding honors teaching on the home campus
  • Assistance provided to other honors programs/colleges (site visits, consulting, etc.)
  • Content of the nomination letters - in order to be considered for the Fellows distinction, candidates must be nominated by three (3) current NCHC professional, student, or institutional members, only one of whom may be from the same institution as the candidate.
  • Demonstrated record of sustained commitment to honors education

The Fellows of the NCHC are:

Larry R. Andrews
C. Grey Austin
Richard Badenhausen
Elizabeth C. Beck
Gary Bell
Irmgard Bocchino
Bernice Braid
Ron Brandolini
Kate Bruce
Catherine Cater
Ira Cohen
Lisa L. Coleman
Richard J. Cummings
Lydia R. Daniel
Freddye T. Davy
Joan H. Digby
Ted Estess
John Grady
Bonnie Irwin
Jocelyn Jackson
G. Hewett Joiner
Carolyn Kuykendall
Jennifer Lane
Greg Lanier
Donzell Lee
Ada Long
George Mariz
Virginia McCombs
Dail Mullins
Rosalie Otero
Anne Ponder
Jeffrey Portnoy
John Portz
Alison Primoza
Ann R. Raia
P. Brent Register
Jack Rhodes
Jessica Roark
Hallie Savage
Samuel Schuman
Rick Scott
Charlie Slavin
Ricki Shine
Robert Spurrier
Elaine Torda
Marca Wolfensberger
Norm Weiner
John Zubizarreta

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